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Dance UK and ADAD raised £40,000 in our first ever fundraising event - thank you so much for your contributions!

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Changes to dance GCSE and A level examinations

The Government announced on Wednesday 9 April 2014 that GCSEs and A levels in dance and other subjects are to undergo a radical overhaul. New GCSEs and A levels in dance, as well as GCSEs and A levels in religious studies, design & technology, drama, music and PE, and GCSEs in art & design, computer science and citizenship, will be reformed for first teaching in September 2016. 


Education Secretary Michael Gove MP made a statement to parliament saying the reforms would include “more rigorous content”. 

Here is a round-up of coverage:

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The Department for Education’s press release: www.danceuk.org/news/article/new-arts-gcses-be-introduced-2016 

Dance UK and the dance sector's response: www.danceuk.org/news/article/dance-sector-responds-government-announcement-school-examination-reforms

BBC news coverage - 'Tougher A-levels and GCSEs for arts subjects': www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-26937958#?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Youth Dance England's response: www.danceuk.org/news/article/youth-dance-england-responds-gcse-and-level-dance-changes

The National Dance Teachers Association's response: www.danceuk.org/news/article/national-dance-teachers-association-response-dance-exam-changes

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Dance UK works on behalf of its members and the wider dance sector to:

  • Lobby politicians and funders.
  • Champion healthier dancers and a healthier dance economy.
  • Advocate for the increased profile of dance in all its diverse and dynamic forms.
  • Develop and facilitate networks for the profession.
  • Nurture and encourage career development.
  • Provide information and guidance for the public and professionals.

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