The Future: New Ideas, New Inspirations, Day 2

Brave New Future: Opportunities in the Wider World, Friday 10 April

Sessions at The Place will tease out the key issues and ambitions for dance for the next five years. Meanwhile, at the London Mayor's Office, delegates will focus on the growing impact of individual philanthropy. A panel at Southbank Centre will discuss programming to captivate young audiences. The evening will finish at Sadler's Wells with a performance by the National Youth Dance Company.

Venue: The Place

Robin Howard Dance Theatre

9:00 am: Arrival and Registration

9:30am: Introduction

Speaker: Tamara Rojo

10:00am: World Cafe

The Future of Dance: Speed World Cafe Led by Zoe Van Zwanenberg

Based on the successful adaptation of World Café process at the Tramway and other venues across the UK, the The Future of Dance World Café will be led by Zoe Van Zwanenberg to address this enormous question in a collaborative intense process with all attending delegates. Together we will co-create an understanding the future potential for dance in the UK. We will collectively address how artists and creative practitioners, producers and stewards of the wider dance profession can work together to influence the wider values, processes and activities both in and beyond our sector, and with our own integrity.

The World Café model is designed to create conversations and solutions that matter and are meaningful to participants. In this particular version of the process, we are delighted to offer short stimulation presentations to our collective discussions from:

Jonzi D
Siobhan Davies
Emma Gladstone
Robbie Synge

12:30- 2:00pm: Lunch

2:00 - 3:00pm: Power Hour

Watch the Power Hour livestream online

TED-style presentations featuring:

  • Claire Cunningham talks about "Breaking the fixation"
    Disabled performance artist and choreographer Claire Cunningham tells the story of how her journey into dance transformed her perspective of her own body and of others, and offers a provocation on the widely-held assumption that disability is a negative state to exist in.
  • Jan Burkhardt talks about "Dance is Public Health"
    Physical activity is now one of the biggest health priorities for the UK and presents a huge opportunity for dance. Whatever dance you are involved in you are part of the solution to the epidemic of inactivity. Building partnerships and engaging with the health and wellbeing agenda is essential for a thriving dance sector. With 25 years experience working in dance and 10 as a public health commissioner around physical activity, Jan Burkhardt brings both perspectives to her Power Hour  and challenges us to embrace new opportunities and positive action through dance. 
  • Charlotte Sexton talks about "Why hasn't dance mastered the dark art of digital?"
    Digital technologies are transforming the way cultural organisations share their stories, connect with audiences and support their essential day-to-day operations. Your audiences and funders alike now expect you to have mastered these digital dark arts and to be capable of delivering compelling digital experiences – no matter the challenges. So why, when digital is clearly so central to the dance sector's ongoing and future success is it failing to exploit digital to the fullest? This provocation is designed to challenge your current thinking and approach to digital, and to explore a more thoughtful and robust response. Aimed at those currently tussling with these issues whether in leadership positions or those staff tasked with delivering digital for their organisation. This session will not require technical knowledge and aims to be a jargon free zone!

3:00 - 4:00pm: The State of Dance in Education

Chair: Linda Jasper, Director, Youth Dance England. Panelists: Lizzie Crump, Strategic Lead at What Next; Ray Oudkerk, Assistant Principal Performing Arts, The BRIT School; Tamsin Fitzgerald, Artistic Director, 2Faced Dance Company; and Laura Jones, Dancer, Stopgap Dance Company.

How can children and young people’s dance in and beyond school be developed? Have changes to government policy and public funding led to an irredeemable situation or do they provide impetus for us to create new strategies?

4:30 - 5:30pm: Digital, What's in it for Dance?

Chair: Aleks Krotoski, writer and broadcaster. Panelists: Elizabeth Varley, Co-founder and CEO of TechHub; Tassos Stevens, Founder and Co-director of Coney; Laura Kriefman, Choreographer, Guerilla Dance Project; and Dr. John Collins, Commercial Director - SynbiCITE at Imperial College London.

This panel brings together creatives who are, at their core, digital but who do not think of themselves as "digital". It will explore what "digital" should mean for dance in the creative process. 

By talking through their approaches to creativity and dissecting what they consider when developing their own digital strategies, "digital" will no longer be a thing to be conquered, but rather something to be seamlessly folded in. At the end of this session, you'll recognise that digital can enhance rather tan distract from your art.

5:30 - 6pm: Summing Up

Summing up the day with Zoe Van ZwanenbergFern Potter, Head of Development and Strategy, Dance UK; and Alice McGrath, Executive Producer, Scottish Dance Theatre. In celebration of its 30th year of activity, The Bonnie Bird Choreography Fund, which supports the investigation into and development of choreography, will announce its aims for the future, make a call for new applications and announce a new approach and an exciting new award.

Founder's Studio

3:00 - 4:00pm: Brand UK

Brought to you by Stagefreight

Chair: Nelson Fernandez, Arts Producer and Cultural Consultant. Panelists: Steven Brett, Theatre and Dance Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean, British Council; Paul Russ, Artistic Director and Chief Executive, Dance 4; Helen Shute, Executive Director of Hofesh Shechter Company, and Emmanuelle de Varax.

The panel will form a discussion around a series of questions focusing on what ‘Brand UK’ may mean and whether equivalent ‘Brands’ exist elsewhere in the world. Panellists will share their thoughts on whether there is anything distinctive about the dance work that emerges from this country. 

In an increasingly globalised world, can we talk about an offer that is unique to a particular country? Is there a dance offer that is unique to this country?  What are the factors that differentiate our offer from that of other countries? How can we sell the dance emerging in the UK to the rest of the world?  How can we best support UK dance artists in their efforts to engage with audiences and artists overseas?

4:30 - 5:30pm: Dance artist as entrepreneur?

Speaker: Sara Wookey

The notion of artist as entrepreneur can seem contradictory. How do artists make a living from their art while remaining reflective of it and the structures that make it possible? Is thinking about art as a business a good idea or not?

This session considers an artist's career trajectory across cultures and in changing economic times. It opens up a dialogue around the identity of the artist as entrepreneur and what that might mean for artists and the arts sector. Is it possible to work within a market of art while still being reflective of it? How does one make a living as an artist without compromising on one's artistic integrity? What does it mean to develop a career as part of the larger community of the arts? How might under-funded arts organisations do better at paying artists and how might artists place value on what they do? Are artists now producers of art?

Venue: The London Mayor's City Hall

Sponsored by iBid

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9:00am: Arrival and Registration

9:30am: Keynote Speech - Ian Taylor 

10:00 - 11:15am: Agile Fundraising Finale: Dragon's Den

Dance UK's Agile Fundraising Programme ends with a Dragon's Den-style pitch competition, where Agile Fundraising participants have the opportunity to pitch their projects to wealthy donors for £1,500 in funding.

Dragons include: Lizzie Fargher, Andrew Hochauser, QC; Deborah Roslund, Ian Taylor

11:40 - 12:40pm: Panel Session on News Ideas/New Models - Increasing Support for the Sector

Chaired by John Nicholls. Panelists: Louise Richards, Motionhouse;Mark Rassmussen, Harlequin; Nick Mason, BeyondMe; Clare Titley, Arts Council England; and Sarah Thirtle, Creative United.

With arts funding continuing to experience cuts, organisations need to diversify their revenues or risk closure. There has been an increased focus on growing individual philanthropy for the dance sector. Is this the answer for bridging the funding gap and what might the future hold for dance?

12:40 - 1pm: Dragon's Den Winner Announced

New Ideas/New Models - Increasing Support for the Sector is sponsored by iBid Events Ltd

Venue: Southbank Centre

1:30 - 2:30pm: Performance of Innocence by Scottish Dance Theatre

Choreographed by Fleur Darkin. This playroom performance invites little ones to explore poet William Blake's imagination and enter a realm of mystery, fun and adventure. Innocence is a theatrical journey led by Scottish Dance Theatre's dancers, with live music, songs and giggles, and animal noises by Paul Bradley.

3:00 - 4:00pm: Panel Discussion: Captivating Young Audiences

Chair: Alice McGrath, with Fleur Darkin, Enrique Cabrera, Shona Powell, Arthur Pita and Mari O'Neil.

Panelists will discuss creating work for children, visions for the future, what young audiences want and the making process.

Venue: Sadler's Wells

7:30pm: PERFORMANCE: National Youth Dance Company

National Youth Dance Company present a world premiere from choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui at Sadler's Wells. Frame[d] revists moments from Babel(words) co-choreographed by Damien Jalet, Puz/zle, Loin and TeZukA, incorporating new ideas and movement material from the National Youth Dance Company's young dancers. Cherkaoui's unique choreographic process, combined with the power of this vibrant company drawn from across England, illustrates the influence and creativity that emerging dance artists can bring to a professional dance collaboration. The work is created in partnership with Eastman.  

Tickets to this performance must be purchased through Sadler's Wells.

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