Working to improve the physical and psychological health and well being of dancers

 The HDP works to improve the physical and psychological health and well being of dancers through:

  • Advice and information on health, fitness and injury prevention for dancers, both for recreational dancers and for those in vocational training and working professionally.
  • Healthier dancer events for dance professionals, dance medicine and healthcare practitioners and scientists - promoting in-depth, shared understanding of healthier dance practice.
  • The Healthcare Practitioners Directory, a UK wide database of medical practitioners and complementary therapists with experience of working with dancers.
  • Facilitating research into dancers' health, injury and performance. 
  • Working with experts in medicine, science, health and dance to improve and develop our understanding of healthy dance practice and set standards for the dance sector.
  • Advocating for improved healthcare and dance science provision for dancers.

As the fields of dance medicine and dance science are growing and gaining maturity so the wealth of information available to dancers, dance teachers and all those working in the dance field is expanding and progressing.

If we want to make sure that we are maximising the potential of our dancers, now and in the future, it is essential to keep up-to-date with developments in dance medicine and science and improve our understanding of a whole range of factors that impact on dancers' health and performance.

There are many ways dancers, teachers, choreographers, directors and managers can make sure they are up to speed with such developments, for example:

Dance UK's Healthier Dancer Programme organises periodic events and conferences to bring different sections of the dance community together to address pertinent issues. These will be publicised within the pages of this website as they come up, along with details of other relevant events and conferences.

The HDP also encourages dance organisations, companies and schools to develop and share opportunities for further professional development and aims to facilitate this by offering information, ideas, resources and publicity through these pages.

Currently fundraising for the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science

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