Sharing what you know with who you know

Dance UK supports individuals working in dance to promote longer lasting, sustainable and rewarding careers through:

  • Working with dance professionals to create and plan new initiatives.
  • E-groups, networks and meetings of professionals in the dance sector.
  • Promoting the development of choreographers through practical initiatives and events such as Choreoforum and collaborative laboratories.
  • UK Choreographers Directory linking choreographers with commercial experience with prospective employers.
  • Initiatives to promote learning from experience and each other, e.g. Midsummer Meridians.

Members' e-groups

We have e-groups for dance artists, choreographers and dance managers. Dance UK members can join any or all of these groups. These groups are run through Yahoo! Groups so that once you have signed up, any member can send an email to the group address and it will be circulated to all members of the group.

Professional groups

Dance UK also administrates professional groups for managers, dance publicists and medical practitioners within the dance industry. While these groups are not open to all members, we welcome applications to join from the relevant post holders in our member organisations.

For more information on these groups, please click on the boxes below. We recommend the following groups for the following occupations: