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Date Thu 28 February 2013

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Dance UK will be playing a prominent role in the UK's largest dance event, Move It, taking place at Olympia from 8-10 March 2013. Come and enjoy one of our talks/interviews or simply say hello!

Dance UK will be at stand number 456 – join us to enquire about membership, purchase books, posters and info sheets at discounted prices, read back-copies of the Dance UK magazine or just introduce yourself!

Dance UK is presenting three ‘Launch Bitesize’ interviews on the Move It Interview Sofa:

Working in Education – 11:45, Friday 8 March
Dance UK will interview Fleur Derbyshire-Fox, English National Ballet’s Director of Learning, to discuss what’s it’s like to work in dance education

Working as a Choreographer – 15:00, Friday 8 March
Choreographers Diane Alison-Mitchell, who has worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and Temujin Gill, who co-choreographed the Olympic Opening Ceremony NHS Seqeunce Swing Out Sisters, will talk about their experiences

How to make a living in dance - 17:00, Saturday 9 March
Dance UK will chat to Corey Baker, Dance Artist, Rehearsal Director and Choreographer about how to make a living in the tough dance world

Dance UK also has two healthier dancer talks on the Move It Interview Sofa:

Importance of Nutrition - 13:00, Saturday 9 March
Dance UK will discuss the difficulties of balancing physical needs with aesthetic desires as well as how to plan adequate nutrition around a dancer’s hectic schedule

How to keep dancing longer and stronger – 13:45, Friday 8 March
This session with Helen Laws, National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science manager, and Mark Rasmussen, Group Marketing Manager for Harlequin Floors, will cover safe dance practice, the importance of the dance studio environment and how to have a long and healthy dance career.

The Dance Injury Clinic - 15:00, Saturday 9 March
National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science manager Helen Laws will speak with Sarah Pringle, student of Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and Andry Oporia, choreographer and dancer with ZooNation, who have both been successfully treated at the Dance Injury Clinic. They will chat about how to get referred to the clinic and the different types of treatment offered.

Dance UK is running two talks for dance teachers:

An Introduction to psychology for Dance Teachers, Leaders and Facilitators - 17.45-18:30, Friday 8 March
Led by Erin Sanchez, Healthier Dancer Programme Manager, this seminar will explore how motivation can help improve performance, increase confidence, enjoyment, interest and satisfaction and encourage training persistence as well as how you help dancers stay motivated. The seminar will also look at how to create an environment to promote self-esteem, creativity and improved performance.

Prevention, Identification and Action on Disordered Eating; Creating a Healthy Eating Policy - 15.45-16.30, Sunday 10 March
Led by Nicola Stephens, Clinical Lead and Owner, Performers Physiotherapy, this seminar will cover how to create and utilise a healthy eating policy document that ensures that healthy eating is promoted by all staff working with dancers within a company/training environment. A policy will also provide clear guidelines on how students who are showing signs of eating disorders/disordered eating will be supported by you and the network of staff that you work with.

The Dance Register, a ‘one-stop shop’ to find the ideal dance educator, will be launched at Move It. Dance UK is in the consortium of the Dance Training & Accreditation Partnership who are developing this register of UK dance teachers, leaders and artists and leaders. Dance UK is also offering a discount for members who wish to join the register. Find out more information at stand number 704 or come along to The Dance Register’s Interview Sofa session:

Talking about The Dance Register – 11:00, Saturday 9 March
Joce Giles, Head of Learning and Participation at Rambert Dance Company, will talk about on why The Dance Register is an important development for dance teaching and leading in the UK, including how it works, who it is for and what it will mean for dance teachers, leaders and artists.

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