Executive Director of DCD steps down

Date Thu 26 April 2012
Filed under: People and Places

After twenty years Linda Yates is stepping down from her position as Executive Director of Dancers' Career Development.

In those years of service she expanded the scope of the organisation’s work so that it has become a leading organisation, internationally recognised, for helping dancers from every area of the profession, members of classical and contemporary companies, independent arts dancers and dancers in the commercial theatre.

As a qualified counsellor she was perfectly trained to help dancers in need. Her enthusiasm, compassion and vibrant personality gave her the ability to encourage, guide and give confidence to countless people at an often difficult period of their lives when they made the transition to a different career. Linda also developed regular contacts with the dance schools and with commercial and funded companies, so that youngsters embarking on a career in dance, or people considering what they should do when their dancing career is over, felt secure and confident that they wouldn’t be left unaided later on in life.

Recently she has been elected Vice Chairman of the IOTPD, the international body for dancers’ retraining organisations.

She will be sorely missed, not only by her colleagues in DCD, but also by countless ex-dancers who owe her their present security and livelihood.

The DCD office continues to operate as usual.

DCD offers careers guidance, grants for retraining, business start-up grants and on-going support for all professional dancers whose performing career is drawing to a close. For more information visit: