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Date Thu 28 February 2013
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Dance UK has published six updated and newly-designed information sheets, available free to members or to to buy for non-Dance UK members from The new information sheets cover a variety of healthier dance practice information:

Finding a dance healthcare practitioner
Author: Helen Laws

Warming up and cooling down
Author: Helen Laws, Caroline Marsh and Matthew Wyon

Myths and facts about dance and the body
Author: Professor Matthew Wyon

How to have healthy bones
Author: Valerie Sayce; Updated by Dr Roger Wolman

Core stability for dancers
Author: Warrick McNeill; Updated by Leon Stephens and Druanne Roberts

Dancers’ physiotherapy questions answered
Author: Cathy Barrett, Caroline Marsh and Islay Sullivan; Updated by Nicola Stephens and Anna Brodrick

Dance UK information sheet sponsors:

The update and reprint of each information sheet would not have been possible without the financial support of sponsors. Dance UK would like to say a special thanks to Sunvit-D3, Trinity Laban Health, The Dance College and Harlequin Floors.

Trinity Laban Health – Sponsor of:
• Dancers’ physiotherapy questions answered
• Core stability for dancers
• Finding a dance healthcare practitioner

Trinity Laban Health, the performing arts medicine specialists, offer a wide range of traditional and complementary therapies for the holistic treatment and prevention of dance injuries

Trinity Laban Health website link

The Dance College – Sponsor of:
• Warming up and cooling down

Penny Meekings Teacher Training Centre: All units for ISTD, DDI and DDE teaching qualifications in Imperial Ballet, National, Tap and Modern Theatre

The Dance College website

SunVit-D3 – Sponsor of:
• How to have healthy bones

SunVit-D3 is a Vitamin D3 Supplement containing pure vitamin D3 to maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D3 in your blood stream all year round.

SunVit-D3 will soon be available in new high strengths of 10,000, 20,000 and 50,000 I.U. per tablet. Our current 1,000 I.U. tablets are ideal as a daily supplement for maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D3.

SunVit-D3 website

Harlequin Floors – Sponsor of:
• Myths and facts about dance and the body

Harlequin Floors provides floors for dance, performing arts, entertainment and display. Harlequin dance and performance floors are versatile and durable because they're designed in close collaboration with the artistic, technical and medical world. Harlequin sprung floors offer assurance for better protection from injuries for dancers, providing them with a feeling of optimum safety.

Harlequin Floors website

Sponsoring one of Dance UK’s information sheets is a great way to advertise to our 1,500 individual and corporate members. Each sheet remains in circulation for at least 3 years.

If you would like to see your organisation placed on one of our information sheets then please contact: Niamh Morrin,email or call the office on 020 7713 0730