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On this page you will find a collection of our resources from throughout the site organised into the five popular areas of interest below - click on 'More' to see them. Some sections also have some extra items in the left hand navigation.

Staying healthy in training and performance

Here are a useful set of resources that will help you stay as fit and healthy as you can be throughout your professional life and training. Choose from books, information sheets and free downloads from the notable Dance Medicine and Science Conferences. The Healthier Dancer Programme is here to give you in-depth information about health and injury prevention and if you do need to see someone about a health issue then you can use our Practitioners Directory to look for medical practitioners who have been specially recommended by other dancers. More

Professional practice

This section will equip you with information to understand the sometimes mysterious world of work in the dance sector, with information on topics from self-employment to copyright. Choose from books, information sheets and practical advice on how to photograph your work and make a show reel. More

Teaching and training

If you are currently in training or training this is the section for you. Choose from information sheets and books including the best selling Your Body Your Risk, a key text for student dancers, find out about funded studies into academic research and meet our group of student representatives. More

Navigating the dance world

This section will help you to work out who your local dance organisations are from your National Dance Agency (NDA) to your nearest Arts Council Office. Search our list of useful organisations which includes full corporate member profiles, and use our map of National Dance Agencies.

Also have a look through our list of recommended blogs and webzines for dance news from dancers and dance specialists. More