Professional practice

This section will equip you with information to understand the sometimes mysterious world of work in the dance sector, with information on topics from self-employment to copyright. Choose from books, information sheets and practical advice on how to photograph your work and make a show reel.

Entering the UK as an entertainer or an artist.  Home Office UK Border Agency guide

This leaflet summarises the different routes of entry into the UK for people who want to visit or work as an entertainer or an artist. These routes of entry vary depending on your nationality, your length of stay and the reasons you are travelling to the UK.

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Handy information sheets

We have published 19  two or four-sided sheets on popular topics, some relating to professional development are as follows, for more please visit our shop via the link below.

A Basic Guide to Insurance

Copyright for Dance

Moving on Opportunities Beyond Your Performing Career.

Are You An Employee, Self-employed of a Worker?

A Basic Guide to Pensions.

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Must read book for choreographers

Look Before You Leap by Ann Whitley

Comprehensive and practical information about negotiation, preparation, creation, care and the continuing life of a choreographic work. It includes examples and checklists for different working contexts (opera, film, advertising, musical theatre, schools and community). A useful source of reference for choreographers, managers, dance teachers, movement specialists, composers, designers, technicians, and all those who collaborate with choreographers.

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Our industry publication Dance UK Magazine

Dance UK Magazine contains a range of articles and listings covering areas of interest to those in the profession, including dancers, choreographers and managers. National and International articles include company news and information on conferences, courses and publications. The Healthier Dancer section publishes the latest news, ideas and research which underpin the Healthier Dancer Programme's work with the sector to improve dancers' health, fitness, well-being and performance and to prevent injury. Dance UK Magazine is free to members and corporate members can receive up to 25 copies. Back issues, when available, are available to members on request. Non-members interested in purchasing back issues of Dance UK should contact the Dance UK offices on as they are available at £3.50 each.

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